Band History

Breif Summary

The band was orginally formed in Colombus, Ohio with Tyler Joseph, Nick Thomas and Chris Salih in 2009. At December 29, they toured around Ohio and released a self titled album. However Thomas and Salih left the band around the year 2011. Tyler then joined with Josh Dun who used to be the live drummer for House of the Heroes. Josh met Joseph after a show and formed a new friendship after speanding time together for a few days. Joseph came up with the band's name when analzing All My Sons by Arthur Miller. The play was about a man who caused the death of twenty one pilots by leading them unstable planes so he can do what was best for his family. The dilemma of choosing the righteous or selfish way inspired the creation of the band. In total, the band has released four albums and is still currently making music. They both have "X" tattos in honor of their fans at their hometown. For Josh it is at his neck while for Joseph it is located at his right bicep. They have called their fandom the " Skeleton Clique"

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