2016 Election

Honest Opinion

This is mostly bias and isn't really based on facts. All of this will just be purely opinion and what I think about the election and will have sarcastic remarks. I am not persuading anyone to pick a side. Honestly, they are both so bad that it makes me cringe. I hope next time they have better canditates that doesn't make me want to bang my head agaisnt the wall.

Donald Trump

Nope. This guy is really racist and in general an awful creature. Some Trump supporters might say that he is going to make America great again but having him as a model or a representative for America wouldn't be appealing to other countries. In fact some countries were mad about his speech that they broke some ties with America.

Hillary Clinton

Another nope. She is just as bad as Donald Trump. She is a major liar and lose some lives as well. She has some okay policies but they aren't the greatest. Plus she might be lying about them too.